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When making baked goods in a large scale operation, it is important to have consistency when it comes to the shape, size, and color of your products. At Evergrowing, we design our bakery production lines to make uniformly consistent hard and soft biscuits, wafers, and chocolate wafer sticks. From mixing dough to packaging final products, our machines are designed to be easy to use and clean so bakeries can readily meet health and safety regulations, while simultaneously reaching output goals. Our technical support offers lifetime replacement parts and upgrades for all our machines.

Main Products
    1. Bakery Equipment (Biscuit, Cracker Production Line)

      Bakery equipment is our versatile biscuit production line for biscuits and crackers. This biscuit making machine can be equipped with various hard, soft and soda biscuit machines.

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    1. Biscuit Sandwiching Machine

      We offer a range of one, two, four, and six lane biscuit sandwiching machines which feature high speed that is up to 600pcs/min as well as automatic stop, automatic recovery, and excellent trial running functions.

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    1. Automatic Packaging System (Biscuit, Cookie, Cracker Packaging Machine)

      Automatic packaging system, mainly serving as biscuit, cookie and cracker packaging machines is one of the remarkable solutions that we can provide for you.

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    1. Chocolate Coating Machine (With Cooling Tunnel)

      Chocolate coating machine is a kind of versatile food processing equipment designed for producing not only chocolate biscuits but also other biscuits with different taste.

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    1. Biscuit Manufacturing Plant

      The largest advantage of this fully automatic biscuit manufacturing plant is that it has a high level of automation, which saves labor and guarantees soft, crunchy and tasty biscuit sandwiches.

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    1. Flat Wafer Production Line

      The rate of demolding and finished products is up to 98% or more.
      The wafer plant can produce a wide variety of flat wafers, and is great for producing double layer or triple layer wafer biscuits.

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    1. Hollow Wafer Production Line

      Hollow wafer production line is innovative food equipment which can create a variety of products of different shapes and patterns. This multifunctional biscuit machinery comes with great cost effectiveness.

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    1. Wafer Stick Machine

      Our automatic wafer stick machine is composed of a batter mixer,and cooling conveyor belt. The egg roll machine is specially designed with a PLC controller which makes it different from manual egg roll machines and home egg roll machines.

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    1. Snack Food Processing Equipment (For Chocolate Cereal Bars)

      This snack food processing machine is mainly used to produce cereal bars combined with chocolate. It can implement automatic control from raw materials weighing to end products demolding.

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    1. Who We Are Since 1990, Evergrowing has been manufacturing bakery equipment that makes hard and soft biscuits, wafers, and chocolate wafer sticks.
    2. What We ProduceOur food production lines include an automatic wafer production line, multi-functional biscuit production line, and a chocolate and wafer sticks production line.
    3. What Drives Us To achieve this, we invest in rigorously controlling the quality of our products and in providing great customer service.
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