1. Who We Are

      Since 1990, Evergrowing has been manufacturing bakery equipment that makes hard and soft biscuits, wafers, and chocolate wafer sticks. Located in Zhuhai, China, our commitment to quality drives us to keep up with the latest technology, invest in a skilled and experienced staff, and work closely with our customers to produce the food processing equipment they need.

      Our goal is to use our years of experience to partner with bakeries so that we can work together to maximize our mutual opportunities. From mixing dough to packaging final products, every single part of our machines are designed to be efficient and reliable so that our customers can maximize their production capacity. Our machines are easy to use and clean so bakeries can readily produce safe and healthy food products. Our technical support offers lifetime replacement parts and upgrades for all our machines.

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    1. What We Produce

      Our food production lines include an automatic wafer production line, multi-functional biscuit production line, and a chocolate and wafer sticks production line.

      Wafer Machine
      The wafer machine is used to produce:
      1. Plain flat wafers
      2. Chocolate-coated flat wafers
      3. Specially designed wafer biscuits
      Our fully automatic wafer production line makes quality wafers with or without a chocolate coating that are uniform in weight and color. The machine itself runs reliably and has a compact structure that is easy to use and maintain. Designed to make large batches of wafers, the machine has significant output capability without extra energy consumption.

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    1. What Drives Us

      Our mission is to be a well-known international provider of quality and affordable food production equipment that have a high production capacity and are designed to encourage creativity in our customers' bakery products. To achieve this, we invest in rigorously controlling the quality of our products and in providing great customer service.

      Quality Control
      From the start, we use high quality parts and materials to manufacture our machinery, as well as advanced technology and designs. Throughout the production process, we inspect all products for quality and reliability so we catch any inferior products. We are confident you will be satisfied with the performance of our machines.

      Great Service
      We provide not only equipment but technical assistance before and after sales. We will walk you through developing a feasibility report, equipment design, and production plan, and then help you with installation, training of personnel, and maintenance of the equipment when it reaches your plant.

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