Our food production lines include an automatic wafer production line, multi-functional biscuit production line, and a chocolate and wafer sticks production line.

Wafer Machine
The wafer machine is used to produce:
1. Plain flat wafers
2. Chocolate-coated flat wafers
3. Specially designed wafer biscuits
Our fully automatic wafer production line makes quality wafers with or without a chocolate coating that are uniform in weight and color. The machine itself runs reliably and has a compact structure that is easy to use and maintain. Designed to make large batches of wafers, the machine has significant output capability without extra energy consumption.

Biscuit Machine
The biscuit machine is used to produce:
1. Soft biscuits
2. Hard biscuits
3. Crackers (soda biscuit)
4. Cookies
This efficient multi-functionalbiscuit production line can make different sized cookies, crackers, and hard and soft biscuits on the same line. This high quality machine is designed so to maximize biscuit uniformity when it comes to size, weight, and texture.

Wafer Stick Machine
The wafer stick machine is used to produce:
1. Hollow wafer sticks (one or two colors)
2. Wafer sticks with cream filling
3. Pillow or square-shaped wafer sticks
4. Pressed or flat wafer sticks

Our patented wafer stick machine can produce European style biscuits that are round, square or flat, have two colors, and which may be filled with cream or other sweets. This versatile machine is fully automatic, has a low energy consumption, and is extremely efficient.