Bakery Equipment (Biscuit, Cracker Production Line)

Serving as China's major food production line manufacturer for two decades, we have accumulated rich experience in the production of food machinery, providing customers in the food industry with an assortment of production systems. This bakery equipment is our versatile biscuit production line for biscuits and crackers. This biscuit making machine can be equipped with various hard, soft and soda biscuit machines as well as sandwich biscuit machines to form a diversified biscuit production line.

Technical Parameters of Biscuit Production Line
Biscuit Production Line Biscuit production Working widths Oven Lengths Capacity Oven type Energy consumption Power supply
Equipped with laminator, rotary cutter and rotary molder Soft biscuit, Hard biscuit, Crackers (soda biscuit) 620, 800, 1000, 1200 mm (further on request) 38-80m 390-2000 kg/h Nature / Liquid Gas, Electricity Nature gas/
30-80m3/h (different as products change)
3-380V, AC, 50Hz

By means of replacing molds and traditional technological processes, customers can use this bakery equipment to create multiple types of biscuits. Proven by many practical applications, it has become one of the preferred biscuit plants for snack food producers. The machine has a high production capacity of 390-2000kg/h and an incredible end product qualified rate of 98%.

We not only offer customers complete biscuit production lines and matched individual biscuit machines, but also provide them with custom services and relevant technical support. For instance, we can offer feasibility reports, plant designs, and workshop layout drawings prior to sale and biscuit manufacturing technology, equipment installation and debugging, operator training and quality management experience after sale.

Features of Complete Biscuit Production Line

1. Safe and User-friendly Design
The biscuit line is the most common bakery equipment and is composed of a series of machines including a dough mixer, dough forming machine, tunnel oven, oil spraying and powder scattering machine, cooling, stacking and packing units. They all feature a safe and user-friendly design. For example, all of its main drives employ frequency control. The tunnel oven is designed with an all-in-one chamber, and is equipped with a forced exhaust device before ignition, anti-explosion holes, air leakage warning devices and other user-friendly designs, ensuring excellent safety, heat insulation and energy efficiency.

The dough forming machine and tunnel oven come with a PLC touch screen which boasts memory and feedback functions, and allows adjustment of the single fire tube, thus ensuring convenience for operation and improving production efficiency.

2. HACCP Approved Design
The conveyor belts in this bakery equipment are all made of food grade PU. Due to functional demands, the roller cutting machine and roller printing machine adopt woven belts without joints. In addition, the rollers of conveyor belt and cutting machine are all non-toxic and oil resistant. All stainless steel used in this biscuit production line is 304#.

3. Functional Diversification
By changing the biscuit molds and technical formula, or equipping different individual biscuit machines, you can use the bakery equipment to produce all kinds of biscuits such as sandwich biscuits, lady fingers, three-color biscuits, and vegetable biscuits. It is versatile food machinery with outstanding economical and practical application. We also offer users various customized molds, help them design specific biscuits.


1. Electrical Parts
Touch screen, frequency converter, PLC controller, etc. are all brand name including Panasonic, Schneider, Siemens and more.

Fire tube magnetic valve is from French Burkert
Proportion motor: U.S. Honeywell
Combustion engine: Italian Baltur

2. Mechanical Parts
Main driving motor reducer: SEW (China brand)
Roller bearing: Japan NSK

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