Bakery Equipment (For Soft Dough Biscuits)

Serving the food industry for more than 20 years, Evergrowing has become a leading manufacturer of snack food machines and has been at the cutting edge of bakery equipment technology. We can create the most comprehensive range of food production lines for customers according to their demands, including hard biscuit production lines, wafer production lines, soft biscuit production lines, sandwich biscuit production lines, soda biscuit production lines, and cracker production lines.

Product Specifications
Biscuit production line Products Working widths Oven length Capacity Oven type
Equipped with rotary molder Soft biscuit, cookies, etc. 620, 800, 1000, 1200mm (further on request) 20-80m 200-2000 kg/h Nature/Liquid gas; Electric

1. Energy consumption: Natural gas 30-80m3/h (it is different as product changes)
2. Power supply: 3-380V, AC, 50HZ
3. Production capacity: 200 -2000kg/h
4. Finished products qualified rate: ≥98%
5. Stainless steel type: 304

The soft biscuit production line is a set of outstanding bakery equipment for producing soft biscuits. By means of high quality and performance as well as our excellent services, this soft biscuit making plant has been widely adopted by users in Europe, South America, Africa and other regions.

The soft biscuit production line is a type of versatile biscuit machinery, suitable for the manufacturing of various soft biscuits, cookies, etc. Through the whole production process covering dough mixing, forming, baking, oil spraying, cooling, stacking and packing, it can produce golden, tasty and crisp biscuits.

Features of the Bakery Equipment

1. Biscuits produced by this bakery equipment boast uniform color, moderate moisture and excellent taste.
2. This biscuit making machine is designed and manufactured according to HACCP standards. The main machine body is made of SUS304 stainless steel which gives it a beautiful appearance and is easy to clean. Employing a PLC controller with touch screen, it enables more flexible operation.
3. Based on your specific conditions, you can choose from gas or electric ovens.
4. The main motors of the bakery equipment feature variable frequency speed control.
5. Both the dough forming machine and tunnel oven employ PLC control with touch screens that have memory and feedback functions.
6. Conveyer belts in this biscuit production line are all made of food grade PU materials.
7. The conveyor belt driving roller and cutting roller are all covered with non-toxic and oil resistant rubber.
8. According to your needs, we can offer you customized soft biscuit production line and individual machines, as well as workshop design, worker training and complete technical formula.

Part Brands

1. Electrical Parts
Touch screen, frequency converter, PLC, electric controller: Panasonic, Schneider, Siemens
Fire pipe solenoid valve: France Burkert
Electric motor: U.S. Honeywell
Combustor: Italy Baltur

2. Mechanical Parts
Main driving motor reducer: SEW (Chinese brand)
Roll bearing: Japan NSK

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