Biscuit Sandwiching Machine

The biscuit sandwiching machine from Evergrowing produces all kinds of biscuit sandwiches with a single or co-deposited filling. This creamer is a semi-automatic machine that needs workers to pick up biscuits and put them onto the vibrating feeder which will then convey the biscuits to the sandwiching machine. After sandwiched, the biscuit sandwiches can be directly conveyed to the packaging machine or separated firstly and then transported to packaging machine.

Packaging Process
Biscuit stacking- sandwiching- packaging

Our biscuit sandwiching machine is suitable for workshops with limited space, and ensures low operation costs. This food equipment can produce various types of biscuit sandwiches such as single or double color cream sandwiches, 2+1 sandwiches, or 3+2 sandwiches. We offer a range of one, two, four, and six lane biscuit sandwiching machines which feature high speed that is up to 600pcs/min as well as automatic stop, automatic recovery, and excellent trial running functions.

The biscuit sandwiching machine is designed with a patented stainless steel double layer rotor pump which ensures low waste and ease of cleaning. A combination of high speed and output, high efficiency and low production cost makes this creamer the choice of leading biscuit makers worldwide.

  • TSM221T-TSP Two lane 2+1 biscuit sandwiching machine (connected to packing machine)
  • TSM232T Tow lane 3+2 biscuit sandwiching machine
  • TSM421T-TRM(4-12) Four lane 2+1 biscuit sandwiching machine
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