Automatic Packaging System (Biscuit, Cookie, Cracker Packaging Machine)

  • On-edge Packing
  • Flow Packing

The automatic packaging system, mainly serving as biscuit, cookie and cracker packaging machines is one of the remarkable solutions that we can provide for you. It is mainly composed of two kinds of food packaging equipment, i.e. on-edge packaging machine and flow packaging machine.

Advantages of Automatic Packaging System
The food packaging machinery or food wrapping machine for biscuits, cookies and crackers comes in two packing methods that are respectively on-edge packing and flow packing. Automatic packing can reduce manual operation and improve production output.

Packaging Process
Biscuit stacking-Quantitative feeding-on edge packing

1. On-edge Packing
Under this packing method, the biscuits will be firstly cooled on cooling conveyor and then transported to stacker where they will keep incomplete standing. Next, they will be conveyed to quantitative feeder and finally fed into the on-edge packing machine.

2. Flow Packing
It is a slightly different from on-edge packing. Specifically, the stacked biscuits which also keep incomplete standing will be conveyed to vibrating feeder and then fed to a flow packing machine.

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