Chocolate Coating Machine (With Cooling Tunnel)

This chocolate coating machine is a kind of versatile food processing equipment designed for producing not only chocolate biscuits but also other biscuits with different taste by coating other thick liquids that have almost the same viscosity and mobility as chocolate liquid. The chocolate coating equipment is provided with a cooling tunnel which is specially designed for cooling the coated chocolate liquid.

Main Parts and Features of Chocolate Coating Machine
1. The linear speed of this chocolate enrobing machine is 4-5m/min.
2. Its total length is 24.2m, of which 21.8m is a cooling tunnel and 2.4m is the machine head.
3. The cooling tunnel of this biscuit machine comes with four 5h.p. refrigerators and the material tank in its head can be removed.
4. The conveyor mesh belt, cooling fan, pump and bottom scraping bearing are all driven by a variable frequency motor.
5. The supporting plate and heat insulated cover under the cooling tunnel, rack and conveyor belt are made of stainless steel.
6. The chocolate coating machine features PLC control, and the conveyor belt is made of food grade PU and boasts photoelectric position correcting technology.
7. The material tank is designed with upper and lower liquid level control units.

Work Flow
The baked biscuits are conveyed from cooling conveyor to stacker where they will be in incomplete standing condition. Then, they will be transported to the vibrating feeder and sandwiching machine. After sandwiched, they enter cooling tunnel via different lanes. After cooled, they will be automatically separated into several flows and respectively coated with chocolate. When the coating is cooled, the end biscuits will be conveyed to the packing machine.

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