Biscuit Manufacturing Plant

Since 1990, Evergrowing has been specializing in the manufacturing of biscuit machinery, providing customers with a comprehensive array of snack food equipment including a whole set of biscuit production lines and individual machines. The biscuit manufacturing plant we introduce to you on this page is an outstanding biscuit production solution involving biscuit stacking, conveying, sandwiching, and packing.

The largest advantage of this fully automatic biscuit manufacturing plant is that it has a high level of automation, which saves labor and guarantees soft, crunchy and tasty biscuit sandwiches. With this industrial food machinery, your production capacity and product quality can be considerably improved.

Biscuit stacker, automatic split-flow conveyor belt, automatic changeover device, vibrating biscuit feeder, biscuit sandwiching machine, packaging machine

Work Flow of the Biscuit Manufacturing Plant

  • Automatic split flow
  • Automatic split flow-biscuit stacking
  • Automatic split flow- biscuit stacking- sandwiching
  • Automatic changeover device
  • Vibrating Feeder
  • Biscuits are conveyed into cooling tunnels in rows after being sandwiched

Firstly, the baked biscuits will be cooled on the cooling conveyor and then conveyed to the stacker. On the stacking conveyor, the biscuits will be kept semi standing. After that, the biscuits will be transported to the vibrating feeder and fed to sandwiching machine.

After being sandwiched, the biscuit sandwiches can be directly conveyed into cooling tunnel via several lanes and further transported to packaging machine by automatic split flow, or conveyed into chocolate coating machine at first, then cooling tunnel and finally packaging machine.

The automatic changeover device exerts a buffer function. To be specific, if there are biscuits stuck in the sandwiching machine or packaging machine, or these two machines stop, the changeover device can switchover the biscuits in front of the vibrating feeder to other conveyors and store them there temporarily. See details as shown below.

Details of Vibrating Feeder
For high end products, the biscuits flow can be automatically split into several rows and then transported into the cooling tunnel. After being cooled, they will be conveyed into the packaging machine through a split flow. The sandwiching machine can be equipped with a special device for flow splitting.

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