Bakery Equipment (Biscuit Machines)

    1. Bakery Equipment (Biscuit, Cracker Production Line)Bakery equipment is our versatile biscuit production line for biscuits and crackers. This biscuit making machine can be equipped with various hard, soft and soda biscuit machines.
    1. Bakery Equipment (Cracker, Snack Food Processing Equipment)This complete set of bakery equipment consists of a dough mixer, dough forming machine, tunnel oven, oil sprayer and powder scattering machine, as well as a cooling, stacking and packing conveyor.
    1. Bakery Equipment (For Soft Dough Biscuits) The soft biscuit production line is a type of versatile biscuit machinery, suitable for the manufacturing of various soft biscuits, cookies, etc. Through the whole production process covering dough mixing, forming, baking, oil spraying, cooling, stacking and packing.
    1. Cookie Production LineThis industrial food equipment can produce various tasty cookies of all sizes and shapes by means of all shapes of rotary molder and wire cutter.
      It comes with PLD and PLC temperature control system, and a variable frequency motor.

Evergrowing is a major food machinery manufacturer in China. With over 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and marketing snack food machines, we can offer you a comprehensive package of biscuit machinery and food production solutions. Our bakery equipment include a wide range of equipment for producing biscuits, cookies, and crackers.

Designed for the production of all kinds of biscuits, our biscuit machines include a versatile biscuit production line, hard biscuit production line, soft biscuit production line, cookie production line and individual specialized machines. This food processing equipment and production lines feature unbeatable quality and performance, and have won great recognition and popularity in the food processing industry in virtue of remarkable price superiority and excellent after-sales service system.