Wafer Biscuit Production Line

    1. Flat Wafer Production LineThe rate of demolding and finished products is up to 98% or more.
      The wafer plant can produce a wide variety of flat wafers, and is great for producing double layer or triple layer wafer biscuits.
    1. Hollow Wafer Production LineHollow wafer production line is innovative food equipment which can create a variety of products of different shapes and patterns. This multifunctional biscuit machinery comes with great cost effectiveness.
    1. Spherical Wafer Production LineThis type of wafer making machine is the first one made by Evergrowing in China. Due to continuous improvement on its functions and structures, the food processing machinery is more energy efficient, and user-friendly.
    1. Waffle Production LineWe offer you the very best waffle production lines on the market. This industrial waffle maker produces waffles by means of a two-sided baking device, making finished waffles soft and tasty.

Evergrowing, China's leading biscuit machine manufacturer, designs and manufactures its outstanding wafer biscuit production line. This wafer production line, also called a wafer plant has become highly utilized food machinery in recent years due to its unrivalled features such as reliable performance, high output, low energy consumption, and easy maintenance and operation.

All motors and electrical components of this wafer biscuit production line are in accordance to international standards. They are all well supplied by renowned brands such as Panasonic, Schneider, Siemens, and Honeywell. This wafer machine consists of a number of individual machines including a baking oven, wafer sheet receiver, and wafer sheet cooler, to name a few.

The tunnel gas oven is the most important component of this wafer biscuit production line. The baked wafer biscuits have a uniform color since the heating components are scientifically selected. In addition, it features a high demolding rate and incredible qualified rate of finished products that is up to 98%.