Optional Wafer Stick Machine

    1. Pillow Stick CutterThe pillow stick cutter is also called a pillow stick crimper that is used for the production of filled or hollow pillow-shaped wafer sticks. Mechanically operated cutting tools ensure this wafer stick machine has great energy savings.
    1. Wafer Stick Pressing BeltThe wafer stick pressing belt is an ideal food processing machine used for the production of flattened or oval shaped sticks. Cut wafer sticks will be automatically conveyed to the pressing belt of this wafer stick machine through the lanes and pressed into desired shapes.
    1. Chocolate Coating MachineCombined with the wafer stick machine, the chocolate coating machine, or chocolate enrobing machine, is used for applying a coating chocolate on the surface of all kinds of wafer sticks including filled and unfilled sticks, pillow shaped sticks, flattened sticks, etc.
    1. Hollow Wafer Stick MachineEquipped with a special food forming machine, the hollow wafer stick machine can produce large round wafer sticks with diameters up to 30mm.The end products made by this wafer roll machine can be filled with a limitless number of confections.

Apart from the regular wafer stick machines, Evergrowing also offers customers a quality selection of optional wafer stick machines including a pillow stick cutter, wafer stick pressing belt, chocolate coating machine, and hollow wafer stick machine. These selectable wafer stick forming machines can be used for producing a variety of wafer sticks of multiple shapes or tastes such as pillow-shaped sticks, flattened or oval shaped sticks, hollow sticks, etc.