Wafer Stick Machine

This patented wafer stick machine is one of our most popular products. The machine produces high quality products, it is affordable, and it is energy efficient.

Our automatic wafer stick machine is composed of a batter mixer, batter conveyor, core injection machine, baking oven, and cooling conveyor belt. The egg roll machine is specially designed with a PLC controller which makes it different from manual egg roll machines and home egg roll machines. This food processing machine is easier to operate and more convenient for production. The specific production processes of the wafer stick machine covers batter mixing, batter conveying, baking, core injecting, forming, cutting, cooling, and other process completed by combining upgraded equipment.

Advantages of Wafer Stick Machine

1. The forming roller is specially made of heat resistant alloy, ensuring remarkable stability and durability.

2. The combustion system of the baking oven is constructed from a combustor with open fire inside and infrared ray outside. This structure assures that the wafer sticks have uniform color.

3. Machine comes with specially designed forming rollers which can compact the sticks without being moistened, thus avoiding the negative influence of excessive moisture.

4. The wafer stick forming system can be adjusted integrally, making it more uniform, stable, and easier when adjusting dough sheet thickness.

5. Motor reducer is installed in a cover with a simple switch which ensures a clean and tidy appearance as well as easy maintenance.

6. Important electrical components of the wafer stick machine such as touch screen, PLC controller, etc. are all supplied by internationally trusted brands.

7. This wafer stick machine can produce hollow sticks. Combining other equipment such as the pillow stick cutter, wafer stick pressing belt, chocolate coating machine and hollow wafer stick machine, it can produce various wafer sticks with all sizes and shapes.

8. We can offer customers technical solutions for free.

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