Snack Food Processing Equipment (For Chocolate Cereal Bars)

This snack food processing machine is mainly used to produce cereal bars combined with chocolate. It can implement automatic control from raw materials weighing to end products demolding. Specific production processes of this cereal bar machine cover formula making, material loading and mixing, feeding (amount automatically controlled), filling, cooling and demolding. The production capacity of this food processing equipment is up to about 300kg/h.

Main Configuration of Electrical Components

PLC Siemens S7-CPU226CN AC/DC(6ES7 216-2BD23--0XB8)
HMI Touch screen Siemens Smart 700
Low voltage electrical device Schneider
Frequency converter Delta
Proximity switch Autonics
Weighing sensor Keli (Chinese brand)

1. The chocolate bar machine enables a uniform combination of oatmeal and chocolate.
2. It can maximally maintain the integrity of oats and thereby make the end cereal bars crisp but not overly hard.
3. The whole production line can be operated by 1-2 operators.
4. This snack food processing equipment can produce a number of breakfast cereal bars according to shapes including bar type, tower type, ball type, square type and heart type. It can also be equipped with multiple molds based on customer requirements.
5. The remarkable advantages of this versatile food machinery are low investment costand diversified end products.

Details of Electrical Components

  • Material loading
  • Mixing
  • Cooling
  • Demolding
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