Cookie Production Line

Due to competitive characteristics such as state-of-the-art technology, easy operation, cleaning, and high qualification rate, our cookie production line has won great popularity among users around the world, and is the most ideal investment in food processing machinery for investors in the current market.

Specifications of Cookie Production Line
Cookie production line Products Working widths Oven lengths Capacity Oven type
Equipped with wire-cut cookie machine Wire-cut cookies 620, 800, 1000, 1200 mm (further on request) 20-80m 200-2000 kg/h Nature /liquid gas, electric

1. Cookie types: All kinds of wire-cut cookies
2. Power supply: 3-380V, AC, 50HZ
3. Finished products qualified rate: ≥98%
4. Stainless steel type: 304

Features of Cookie Production Line

1. This industrial food equipment can produce various tasty cookies of all sizes and shapes by means of all shapes of rotary molder and wire cutter.
2. The cookie dough pieces can be baked by tunnel oven which is divided into a electric oven and gas oven.
3. It comes with PLD and PLC temperature control system, and a variable frequency motor.
4. We offer multiple cookie molds to choose from according to specific needs.
5. Both the dough forming machine and tunnel oven feature PLC control with touch screen that boasts memory and feedback functions.
6. Conveyer belts in this cookie production line are food grade PU belts, while the wire cutter and rotary molder adopts canvas belts without joints.
7. The conveyor belt driving roller and cutting roller are all covered with non-toxic and oil resistant rubber.
8. Evergrowing offers mechanical debugging and relevant training services.

Part Brands

1. Electrical Parts
Touch screen, frequency converter, PLC, electric controller: Panasonic, Schneider, Siemens
Temperature control instrument and control system: Japan PKC

2. Mechanical Parts
Main driving motor reducer: SEW (Chinese brand)
Roll bearing: Japan NSK

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